FunPlus Pheonix to have a new logo going into 2021

at the same event, FPX also announced the acquisition of Godsent roster for their CS:GO division.

FunPlus Pheonix to have a new logo going into 2021
Image Credits: FunPlus Pheonix

FunPlus Pheonix, the champions of Worlds 2019 have come up with yet another rebranding the organisation announced today. This is the third time in the course of over 12 months the organisation rebrands. 

We’ve upgraded our brand vision from now on for all our divisions and franchises,FPX said on their Twitter. Our totem phoenix soars from oriental, engraved it’s burning mark rapidly on the letters of FPX. The vision we want to share is the spirit of Faith, Passion, and Xpossibility. Fly Phoenix, Fly.

The new rebrand makes Pheonix disappear and now the mythical bird is integrated within the logo font itself.

Revamped Logo will now be equipped to all the rosters under the banner heading into 2021, Including CS:GO, VALORANT, League of Legends. 

FPX's League roster played at the Demacia Cup not long ago, where they were sent home by Top Esports in the quarterfinals of the event. 

As holidays are going on, no events are running on for the time being. However, FPX new logo will be debuted at LPL in 2021 by the League roster which has now added world champion Nuguri as the top laner of the team.