Fufoo Esports partners with Carnage Esports to form Fufoo-Carnage PUBG Mobile roster

Carnage Esports will manage the talents in Nepal.

Fufoo Esports partners with Carnage Esports to form Fufoo-Carnage PUBG Mobile roster

After a long Ban on PUBG in INDIA, Fufoo Esports with Carnage Esports of Nepal decided to collaborate to clinch the next PUBG World Championship. The current roster of Carnage Esports will continue to play for the foreseeable future as the PMPL 2021 matches are in progress. What is interesting is that there is a possibility that the team qualifies through to the World League stage and may gear up to win the title.

Fufoo Esports - Carnage Esports Partnership has been made official with both organizations releasing statements to confirm the same. This will be Fufoo Esports first PUBG Mobile roster acquisition and the team will play under the banner of Fufoo-Carnage. Carnage Esports will be the International partners of Fufoo Esports in this endeavour and will manage the team and the players in Nepal.

Carnage Esports are on paper one of the best Nepal teams at the moment, having won the South Asia qualifiers for PMPL Season 3 2021. They clinched the title for the Nepal region the best ever performance by the team. It’s interesting to see what the partnership means for both organizations and what they expect out of it as more details are expected to be announced later this week. Fufoo Esports are the first Indian organization to make a move in the PUBG Mobile scene in 2021. 

Nivedita Sinha, CEO of Fufoo Esports, said “We are deeply grateful to the Nepal community which has shown trust in us for this partnership. We understand that we have a responsibility with these levels of achievements, and that is to bring an international trophy home. We believe this partnership will be a monumental step in that direction. Our plans don’t just stop at PUBG Mobile, they will eventually touch other mobile games too.” With this association, it will be a boost for us to move in FreeFire and CODM as well.

Fufoo Esports was trying for a long time to start on an adventure in PUBG mobile but due to unforeseen circumstances, it kept on delaying. We hope with this collaboration we will soon see some push in PUBG mobile and interest in Indian viewers to get more support to FUFOO-CARNAGE tie up to win PMPL 2021

Carnage is a global powerhouse based out of Nepal. Fufoo Esports as an organisation has fielded top players in multiple titles across the years, including CODM, Rainbow Six Siege and Free Fire among others without their own badge but soon with this collaboration and new Free fire lineup coming Fufoo Esports soon to be among others most recognizable names in the world of esports.