Free Fire Roadmap 2021 for India announced

A cumulative Prize Pool of over INR 2 crore.

Free Fire Roadmap 2021 for India announced
Image Credits: Garena Free Fire

Garena, the publisher behind the popular battle royale game has outlined how the Free Fire competitive scenario is going to look like for the coming year. A total of 4 tournaments will be held surrounding two circuits and altogether a massive prize pool of more than ₹2,00,00,000.

The four major tournaments will be held every quarter of the coming year, meaning Indian audience will witness Free Fire action throughout the year.

The tournaments don’t need anything particular set of skills or a level to participate, making it open to all players regardless of where they come from. One thing for sure, these tournaments will bring out some of the best Free Fire talents of the country.

Garena has also mentioned that minor smaller scale community-focused tournaments will be announced in the coming year as well.

Free Fire 2021 Indian Circuit

Garena’s Free Fire 2021 circuit will field 2 seasons for the year, each season having two major tournaments -

a Free Fire Pro League tournament followed by a Free Fire India Championship (FFIC).

Garena Free Fire 2021 tournaments:

  • Free Fire India Championship 2021 Spring
  • Free Fire Pro League 2021 Summer
  • Free Fire India Championship 2021 Fall
  • Free Fire Pro League 2021 Winter

Free Fire Pro League

The Pro League tournaments will mark the start of each season, that will help teams to start and near towards their FFIC run.

A total of 18 teams will participate in the Pro League tournament. 12 teams of the previous FFIC will get a direct entry while 6 teams will make their way from the open qualifiers. Every Pro League tournament will have a prize pool of ₹35,00,000. The top 6 teams of Pro League will earn direct entry into the coming season of FFIC while the 7th to 12th placing teams will be eligible to skip open qualifiers, directly going to Closed Qualifiers.

Free Fire India Championship (FFIC)

FFIC will be the highest weighted national tournament the country could offer. Also, it will act as a National qualifier for International Tournaments. FFIC will get us the best team of the country of that particular season and will have a massive prize pool of ₹75,00,000.

There are only two possibilities for a team to make it to the FFIC:

  • Be one of the top 12 seeds in the closed qualifiers of FFIC
  • Be top 6 previous season’s Free Fire Pro League tournament

Free Fire Cup, an in-game option will be available to all the Fre Fire players. Top 6 teams prevailing in the Free Fire cup will now advance to Closed Qualifiers where they will mix with 7th to 12th place teams of the Free Fire Pro League making a stack of 12 teams. These 12 teams will secure 12 of 18 slots of the FFIC League Stage.

A series of games will be played in the FFIC league stage with the 18 teams. Grand Finale will be a 12 teams affair. Top 6 seeds from the FFIC league will head to the grand finals while the remaining 12 will continue brawling to decide the play-ins to fill the remaining 6 slots. The bottom 6 seeds of the FFIC league stage will witness elimination.

Free Fire India Championship 2021 Spring

There is no Pro League tournament before Free Fire India Championship 2021. The top 6 finals of the FFIC Fall 2020 will receive a direct entry into the FFIC 2021 Spring league stage. Rest of the remaining 6 finalists of the FFIC 2020 Fall will head to the closed qualifiers of FFIC spring - where they will compete for the remaining 12 slots facing against the teams that come from open qualifiers. Only the best 12 teams from the league stage will make it to the grand finals of the FFIC Spring 2021.