Free Fire OB32 Patch Updates: Illuminate

New Updates to apply Free Fire as well as Free Fire Max

Free Fire OB32 Patch Updates: Illuminate
Image Credits: Garena

Free Fire today returns with its latest Patch Update – Illuminate – for both Free Fire and Free Fire MAX. With the release of Illuminate, players will have access to a brand new weapon Charge Buster, a new matchmaking function in Craftland, and updates to in-game characters among many other exciting new features!

The recent updates reflect some of the feedback from Free Fire players worldwide. The full list of updates for Free Fire and Free Fire MAX can be found below.

Free Fire & Free Fire MAX

Free Fire Ob32 Patch
  1. Character:
    • Skyler: Hold-to-aim function on the skill button added for better precision. 
    • Olivia: Increased extra HP for revived teammates.
    • Xayne: Longer skill active time, enhanced Gloo Wall damage increase, shorter cooldown.
    • Maxim: Decreased the time reduction of using Med Kits.
  2. Clash Squad
    • New map: Alpine map is now available in Clash Squad and Clash Squad ranked modes.
    • New areas: New areas, Hangar and Nurek Dam, added to the Bermuda map.
    • Map balance adjustments: Bermuda map adjustment in Katulistiwa, Mars Electric, and Mill.
    • Bonus airdrop: Airdrop will land on the map in every round in the classic Clash Squad mode.
  3. Battle Royale:
    • Dam area rework: Added the Nurek Dam area from Bermuda Remastered to the Bermuda map. 
    • Safe zone: Modified the time and speed of the first few safe zone shrinks to increase the pace of each match in the classic Battle Royale mode.
    • Optimisations: Players who parachute after revival will receive a level 1 helmet, a level 1 vest, a G18, and will face towards the safe zone by default.
  4. Weapon and Equipment:
    • New weapon: Charge Buster.
    • Weapon adjustments: M1014,  SPAS12, M1887, MAG-7, UMP, MP5, MP40, P90, Thompson, MAC10, Mini Uzi, Vector,  M500, SCAR, AUG, Kingfisher, Flashbang.
    • New explosive protections: Protection from explosives added to vests.
  1. Training Grounds
    • Enhanced shooting practice: New enemy-shaped targets added to Training Grounds.
  2. Gameplay:
    • Weapon tags: Weapon tags will be displayed in the player’s backpack for quick usage reference.
  3. Craftland
    • Matchmaking function: The new matchmaking function will be available in Craftland. A random map from the hot list will be allocated to the match.

Free Fire MAX

  1. Craftland
    • Parkour mode: Players can now customise checkpoints, and the locations of spawn points and Doom Zones in the new Parkour Mode.
    • New items: Barriers from Pet Mania.
    • Map editor: Objects can float in the air and certain objects will be stackable in Craftland.
    • Mode editor: Multi-team battles are now available.
  2. 360-Degree Lobby: Automatically display the team leader’s Free Fire MAX lobby to other members in the team.