First ever BGMI LAN All Stars Invitational won by TSM India

Ninja JOD is yet again the MVP of the tournament.

First ever BGMI LAN All Stars Invitational won by TSM India
Image Credits: via LOCO (Twitter)

NODWIN Gaming and Loco collaborated to stage the first Battlegrounds Mobile India LAN tournament, All Stars Invitational. India's best 16 squads participated in 15 matches over 3 days and it is TSM who proved to be the most lethal squad throughout the competition, ending first with 199 points derived from 107 finishes and 92 placement points. Hyderabad Hydras finished second, followed by Revenant Esports and Team XO in third and fourth place, respectively.

Fan favourites such as GodLike and Team Xspark underperformed in this event, wrapping up 14th and 16th. Below are the overall standings.

All Stars Invitational BGMI Overall Standings:

Top Fraggers of All Stars Invitational:

(Image Credits: Screengrab via Loco

With 38 finishes, TSM's Ninja JOD has once again crushed the competition with his unrivalled firepower, claiming the MVP title and INR 1,00,000 as a reward. He has already been named MVP in notable tournaments such as BMOC: The Grind and others. Three players from the winning team TSM India are included in the list of top five fraggers, demonstrating how powerful their squad is.

Prize Pool Distribution:

  1. TSM FTX India: ₹2,500,000
  2. Hyderabad Hydras: ₹1,200,000 
  3. Revenant Esports: ₹500,000
  4. Team XO: ₹150,000 
  5. Skylightz Gaming: ₹110,000 
  6. TEAM iNSANE: ₹80,000
  7. Enigma Gaming: ₹60,000 
  8. Rivalry Esports: ₹50,000 
  9. 8Bit: ₹40,000 
  10. OR Esports: ₹40,000 
  11. 7Sea Esports: ₹40,000 
  12. Team Enigma Forever: ₹30,000 
  13. Global Esports: ₹30,000 
  14. GodLike Esports: ₹30,000 
  15. Blind Esports: ₹20,000 
  16. TeamX Spark: ₹20,000 

In addition, an Asphalt: 9 tournament was held during the event, with a prize pool of INR 5,00,000 split among four participants. Sid Joshi, Owais, Jonathan, and Scout contested, with Jonathan emerging victorious.