Esports x Russia | Putin Validates Esports In Russian Schools

President Vladimir Putin approves Esports and wants schools to incorporate esports tournaments. Schools will be updated with new computer equipment and devices.

Esports x Russia | Putin Validates Esports In Russian Schools
Image Credits: World Economic Forum

At the Russian open lesson Remembering is Knowing, President Vladimir Putin took a moment and backed the idea of holding esports tournament in schools in the “best way” within the country to help Russian gamers do well at the International level.

As of 2020, to note down amidst the pandemic, “esports” is the only safe sport. It has garnered a lot of attention in recent times, be it World Health Organisation recommending gaming or be for your favourite football superstars who chose to stream games on Twitch. Esports has been quite a buzz in the media as well. One of the scenarios that got quite an attention is Vladimir Solovyov's programme Polny Kontakt on Vesti FM in 2018, which hosted a guest expert Filipp Gross-Dneprov, who blamed a game Doka 2 for the high-profile Kerch tragedy where you need to “kill zombies”.

Putin added esports is “highly useful” only if the process of holding esports tournaments is “properly organised”.

Russian schools to also receive new computer equipment and devices. More likely, this will include hardware, monitors and other peripherals to meet the minimum requirements of a gamer. To implement the update is certainly a long process but surely Putin’s words are going to boost all young Russian gamers.

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