Esports Surpasses $150 Million in Prize Money Across Top 10 Tournaments in 2022

DotA 2 helped with the largest share in order to achieve this staggering number.

Esports Surpasses $150 Million in Prize Money Across Top 10 Tournaments in 2022
Image Credits: Valve

The top 10 esports competitions combined recorded over $150 million in prize money in 2022, indicating a significant increase in interest in the gaming and esports business worldwide.

DotA 2 came in first with a prize pool totalling over $32.53 million, followed by PUBG Mobile and Arena of Valor with pools of $24.72 million and $18.65 million, respectively, according to statistics gathered by Blockchain Centre.

(Image Credits: Blockchain Centre) 

Even though the reward pool for Dota 2 was less than in 2021, the pattern has been an annual rise in prize money, rising from $35.45 million in 2017 to $48.69 million in 2021.

The majority of chat is dominated by PC games, but smartphone games finished second and third.

“It is noteworthy that the second and third places were occupied by mobile games, demonstrating the increasing popularity of mobile gaming in the competitive arena,” the research added

By 2027, the esports market will prioritize player well-being and mental health and is expected to have grown and expanded to a value of $3.57 billion, estimates industry analysts.

It will be intriguing to see which platforms and titles top the leaderboard for prize money as the business develops.

With 2022 being such an exciting year for esports and gaming in general, 2023 appears to be already in full motion and on the verge of breaking the record set in 2022, with Gamers8 returning this year and already declaring standalone $45 million in prize money for the event.