LoL Pro Dyrus Alleges Unpaid Salary During Time with TSM

League of Legends pro Dyrus, one of the top laners of his time, claims TSM didn't give him a paycheck.

LoL Pro Dyrus Alleges Unpaid Salary During Time with TSM
Image Credits: Riot Games

Joining TSM in 2012, Dyrus quickly became a cornerstone of the team, known for his unwavering presence in the top lane and a calm demeanor that belied his competitive ferocity. His tenure with TSM, lasting until 2015, was marked by attendance at four major international tournaments organized by Riot Games, significantly contributing to TSM's dominance in the North American region​​.


Transitioning to full-time streaming after he departed from TSM, Dyrus remained a prominent figure in the esports community. His occasional returns to professional play, like his stint with Delta Fox and participation in the LCS 2020 Summer Classic Showmatch, kept fans engaged​​.


However, it was during an AMA on January 3, 2024, that Dyrus revealed a surprising aspect of his time with TSM. Addressing numerous queries, the most striking revelation came when he disclosed that his financial sustenance during his TSM days was not through a traditional salary, but rather entirely from his earnings as a streamer​​​​.


Dyrus' revelation is particularly noteworthy considering the context of his career's timeline. Retiring before the LCS evolved into a franchised league in 2018, he belonged to an era where esports was still in its nascent stages, with structured salaries for players not being the norm.


During this period, streaming emerged as a significant revenue source for players, a trend that has since seen a decline in popularity​​​​.


Dyrus' financial arrangement with TSM, heavily reliant on streaming revenue, stands out as an anomaly in today's esports environment. Currently, LCS and Riot-run esports leagues have established minimum salary requirements for players, with additional earnings from streaming and sponsorships incorporated into their contracts.


This evolution in the esports industry underscores how significantly the financial dynamics have changed since Dyrus' active days​​.