DreamHack to host 12 festivals in 9 major cities and 7 countries in 2023

The First DreamHack of 2023 will be held in San Diego.

DreamHack to host 12 festivals in 9 major cities and 7 countries in 2023
Image Credits: DreamHack

DreamHack, an ESL FACEIT Group brand, today celebrates “DreamHack Day”, a commemoration of the festival’s foundation in 1994 and the release of next year’s festival schedule. In 2023, DreamHack will embark on what is the boldest and most ambitious global tour ever with debut festivals in San Diego, CA, USA, and Makuhari, Japan. 


In 2023, DreamHack will host 12 festivals in 9 major cities and 7 countries, including a return to Melbourne, Australia (April);  Dallas, TX, USA (June); Hanover, Germany (June); Valencia, Spain (July); Hyderabad, India (October); and Atlanta, Georgia, USA (December); and DreamHack Summer (June) and Winter (December) in Jönköping, Sweden. In addition, DreamHack will host its first-ever festivals in San Diego, CA, USA (April) and Makuhari, Japan (May). Complete schedule is below.


“DreamHack is a festival for all gamers which creates an arena where you can come to connect, explore, win, play a part, and be yourself through a gaming lifestyle experience,” said Shahin Zarrabi, VP of Strategy & Growth for DreamHack. “With debut appearances in Japan and in San Diego in the U.S., coupled with returns to cities such as Melbourne, Valencia, Hyderabad and Jönköping, 2023 will be the most global and diverse DreamHack tour to date.”


Whether festival-goers are admiring cosplay costumes, participating in competitions, watching pros compete, learning to stream, enjoying a live music concert, attending panels, eying artwork, or testing technology at the expo, DreamHack offers an unforgettable experience for the family of gamers and the curious alike.


Select 2023 Festival Highlights:

  • DreamHack San Diego will include the Snapdragon Pro Series Presented by Samsung – Mobile Challenge North America Finals, DreamHack Showdown Magic: the Gathering, with more to be announced
  • DreamHack Melbourne will include ESL Challenger (CS:GO)
  • DreamHack Dallas will feature Intel® Extreme Masters Dallas (CS:GO), ESL Impact Season 3 Global Finals (CS:GO)
  • DreamHack Summer will feature DreamHack Fighters (Fighting Games)
  • DreamHack Hanover (June) will include ESL Challenger (CS:GO)
  • DreamHack Winter will feature ESL Challenger (CS:GO) and ESL Impact (CS:GO), and DreamHack Fighters (Fighting Games)
  • DreamHack Hanover (December) will include ESL Impact Season 4 Global Finals (CS:GO)
  • DreamHack Atlanta will feature ESL Challenger (CS:GO), and DreamHack Fighters Championships (Fighting Games) 



DreamHack 2023 Schedule




Ticket Information

Apr 7-9, 2023

DreamHack San Diego, California, USA

Early Bird tickets on sale December 14.

Apr 28-30, 2023

DreamHack Melbourne,


Early Bird tickets on sale December 12.

May 13-14, 2023

DreamHack Japan,

Makuhari, Japan

Early Bird tickets on sale December 15.

June 2-4, 2023

DreamHack Dallas,

Texas, USA

Tickets on sale January 17, 2023.

June 8-11, 2023

DreamHack Hanover,


To Be Announced

June 16-18, 2023

DreamHack Summer

Jönköping, Sweden

Early Bird tickets on sale December 9.

July 7-9, 2023

DreamHack Valencia,


To Be Announced

Oct 29-31, 2023

DreamHack Hyderabad,


To Be Announced

Nov 24-26, 2023

DreamHack Winter

Jönköping, Sweden

To Be Announced

Dec 7-10, 2023

DreamHack Valencia,


To Be Announced

Dec 14-17, 2023

DreamHack Hanover,


To Be Announced

Dec 15-17, 2023

DreamHack Atlanta,

Georgia, USA

To Be Announced


Dates and Locations subject to Change.