Dota 2: Vita Bona Cup will show the prowess of SEA from Sep 29th

Vita Bona Cup is brought to you by Hamster Events.

Dota 2: Vita Bona Cup will show the prowess of SEA from Sep 29th
Image Credits: Hamster Events

Hamster Events, a new TO in the scenario will be hosting Vita Bona Cup, the online tournament will run for twenty days all set to go live from 16th of September to 6th of October. The cup will have 10 directly invited teams from Southeast Asian region brawling for a collective prize pool of $10,365.

Ten teams will be divided into two groups with five teams each for the group stage and the groups to follow round-robin format. Top two seeds from each group will move on the upper bracket whereas the 3rd and 4th placing teams will be dropped to the lower bracket. The run will end here for the bottom team of each group.

Heading to the playoffs, it will carry out a double-elimination bracket where upper bracket winner will have one map advantage in the final. All the matches will be a Bo2 and Bo3, except the grand final which will be a Best-of-Five.

Teams Participating:

  • New Esports

  • Cignal Ultra

  • Angel Alliance

  • Whoops

  • Adroit Esports

  • GoodFellaz

  • Jsite

  • Logic Gaming

  • Vice Esports

  • PsyGaming

Prize distribution:

  • First: $5,180

  • Second: $3,109

  • Third: $2,073

Glancing at the stacks, Adroit Esports and New Esports are going to be heavy favourites who are also looking hot in SEA lately. Another thing to notice, this tournament is also having two Indian based teams - Whoops, who have star players of the Indian scene and the recently formed PsyGaming, whose roster is a mix of Malaysian, Indo and Indian players. Make sure to cheer for PsyGaming as they are playing their first tournament.

The first match is a Bo2 series between Cignal Ultra and Adroit Esports at 8:30 AM IST on 29th September.