Dota2: ViCi Gaming forms a six-man roster with 23Savage

The ex-Fnatic Thai carry confirms his joining into ViCi Gaming.

Dota2: ViCi Gaming forms a six-man roster with 23Savage
Image via: ViCi Gaming

The news made it official on ViCi Gaming’s Facebook.

Only a few hours of Vici Gaming announcing the return of Old Eleven to the roster, now makes it official revealing the full roster of the organization for the upcoming season with the inclusion of 23Savage.

The revamped ViCi Gaming six-man roster fields as:

  • VG.23Savage

  • VG.Erica

  • VG.Ori

  • VG.old eLeVeN

  • VG.Pyw

  • VG.DY

The organisation welcomed 23Savage and stated a few of his achievements in the post adding, ”23Savage is a talented young man, reaching the top of the ladder at 14 years of age. He is also the 20th player in the world to reach 10,000 MMR and in July he reached 11,000.

During the online competitions, he also won 5 consecutive division titles.

However, 23Savage will be joining a little late in October/early-November because his visa is “still being processed” and he has to complete “relevant entry procedures”.

Until 23Savage arrives in China, Erica from Keen Gaming will be filling in shoes of 23Savage.

The post also confirms Eurus (Paparazi) will not be playing in the name of VG for the upcoming season and the organisation is actively seeking for a “new home”.

Lastly, the organisation adds that another announcement is coming on a later date which is very likely of Eurus joining the long-rumoured team “4AM”.

4AM is speculated to have a mix of former PSG.LGD and VG Gaming players as Somnus and Fy have left PSG.LGD earlier this month as well.