DotA 2: SirActionSlacks is now A Father

Teddy Rex is the name.

DotA 2: SirActionSlacks is now A Father
Image Credits: WePlay!

One of the happiest faces of DotA 2 scenario Jake "SirActionSlacks" Kanner has now become a Father. He has announced Fatherhood to a baby boy "Teddy Rex" by posting a picture with the newborn and his wife.

Eventually, on 4th of January, Slacks posted a tweet saying "I did exactly what i told myself I would do as a teenager" and he rushed his wife to the hospital at "80mph" who was feeling the labor pain. However, a follow-up tweet cited that the day was disappointing as the baby's delivery was delayed once again. 

Nevertheless, Slacks confirmed that the baby has successfully arrived, although "8 days late" and "25 hours of labor", both wife and newborn are in good health. 

SirActionSlacks is been bestowed by Greetings and Good Wishes from his fellow DotA personalities including Wykrhm Reddy himself. 

The person known for his outgoing and friendly personality has been a formidable force in the DotA universe since 2013. For the being, he is "going to sleep now".

We wish SirActionSlacks a hearty congratulations and good health to him and his family.