CS:GO: Fallen Steps Down from Active Position at MIBR

Following roster changes Fallen has decided to move inactive.

CS:GO: Fallen Steps Down from Active Position at MIBR
Image Credits: MIBR

Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo has stepped down from the active position of MIBR’s roster. The announcement is followed up only after a few hours Epitacio “TACO” de Melo, Fernando “fer” Alvarenga, and coach Ricardo “dead” Sinigaglia parted ways with the team.

After Fer, TACO and longtime coach witnessed removal from the team, Fallen decides to step down as well. The players Fer, TACO, and FalleN have a history together to tell, they have been playing together since 2015 where they played together at Luminosity and SK Gaming. The coach dead also got paired up with the squad in 2015 and has played the role of coach and manager since then. Although, recently the famous coach Ricardo ”dead” Sinigaglia was announced as temporarily ban by ESL and suspended by MIBR because of unfair use of an exploit during an ESL One: Road to Rio match.

The trio has a number of achievements to their name. They are winners of two CS:GO majors, MLG Columbus and ESL One Cologne 2016. Also, they're the second team ever to bag in two consecutive majors and the first team to take home Major title that is not European.

They have also made it to the top spot of World Rankings multiple times.

To all the fans, FalleN’s announcement also cites that, ”The only thing I'm sure is this isn't where the game ends for me.