Your Ultimate Guide to the CS2 PGL Copenhagen Major Pick’Em Challenge

Unlocking Success in the CS2 Major's Pick'Em Challenge: Strategies, Predictions, and Rewards

Your Ultimate Guide to the CS2 PGL Copenhagen Major Pick’Em Challenge
Image Credits: PGL

The CS2 PGL Copenhagen Major is just around the corner, and with it comes the excitement of the Pick'Em Challenge, a staple of the Counter-Strike Major tournaments. This guide will help both newcomers and seasoned players navigate the intricacies of the Pick'Em Challenge, ensuring you make the most out of your predictions and potentially earn exclusive rewards. Let's break down everything you need to know to participate effectively and possibly gain from this engaging aspect of the CS2 Major.


To dive into the Pick'Em Challenge, you'll first need to acquire the Viewer Pass. Priced at $10 for the basic pass and $18 for the pass bundled with 3 Souvenir Tokens, this pass is your ticket to the full Major experience.


Purchasing the pass grants you a Bronze Copenhagen 2024 Major coin, which can be upgraded based on the accuracy of your Pick'Ems. The Viewer Pass also unlocks the ability to participate in the Pick'Em Challenge itself, housed within the PGL Copenhagen 2024 hub in the game's main menu.


Once you've enabled your Viewer Pass, head over to the PGL Copenhagen 2024 hub. Here, you'll predict the outcomes of matches by placing team logos into slots based on your forecasts for their final rankings. Your challenge is to predict two teams as 3-0 winners, two teams as 0-3 losers, and six teams as either 3-1 or 3-2 finishers.


Given the unpredictable nature of Major tournaments, where upsets and dark horses are common, making informed predictions requires both knowledge of the current CS2 scene and a bit of luck.


Participation in the Pick'Em Challenge rewards you with Souvenir Tokens, which can be exchanged for Souvenir Packages. These packages contain exclusive CS2 weapon skins and commemorative gold stickers from the match you select.


Not only do these Souvenirs serve as a testament to your participation and success in the Pick'Em Challenge, but they also have the potential for significant economic value, depending on the rarity and demand for the skins you receive.