Valve Faces Backlash for Copenhagen 2024 Major Stickers Design

Valve Faces Backlash for Copenhagen 2024 Major Stickers Design
Image Credits: PGL

Controversy isn’t new in the CS community. The heart of the matter lies in the recent unveiling of the Major stickers for the upcoming Copenhagen event, a design choice by Valve that has sparked a wave of disappointment across the board.


Valve introduced the first set of borderless Major stickers back in 2021 during the Stockholm Major. This marked a significant departure from the traditional bordered stickers, stirring excitement among the community.


Despite the initial enthusiasm, Valve's continued preference for borderless stickers in four out of the five subsequent majors has led to a sense of monotony. The lack of distinctiveness, save for the event logo and a few qualifying teams, has made each sticker set feel almost identical to the last.


Upon the early reveal of the Copenhagen 2024 stickers by data miner Gabe Follower, the community's reaction was palpable. Many expressed their frustration over what they perceive as Valve's lack of effort and creativity, with comments ranging from disappointment to outright criticism of the repetitive design approach.


The sentiment across social media platforms and forums is clear, with many calling out Valve for what they see as a "lazy" approach to the new CS2 Major stickers. Despite the overarching disappointment, some players have found a glimmer of hope in the holo design of the stickers, noting an improvement in vibrancy compared to previous iterations.


The decision to continue with borderless designs is expected to have a significant impact on the market, particularly for collectors and investors. The similarity between the new stickers and those from past events like Stockholm, Antwerp, and Paris could lead to decreased value for older capsules and stickers.


The PGL Copenhagen Major is set to kick off on March 17, running through to the Grand Final on March 31. Alongside the controversial stickers, fans can look forward to souvenir packages and the Pick’Em challenge, enhancing the overall event experience.