City Finals of the first-ever Free Fire City Open: Everything you need to know

The top 12 Free Fire teams from various cities will battle it out to win from a prize pool of INR 60 lakh.

City Finals of the first-ever Free Fire City Open: Everything you need to know
Image Credits: Garena

Garena is excited to announce the city finals of the Free Fire City Open, its first-ever Free Fire tournament in India where survivors will compete for a chance to represent their own city. With the competition heating up, fans from across the country are invited to be a part of the exciting action by tuning in and rallying behind their favourite teams as they battle for glory! Committed to the spirit of #IndiaKaBattleRoyale, Free Fire City Open takes forward Garena’s efforts towards bringing people together through esports and fostering pride within the community as they represent their cities on a national platform.

The Free Fire City Open will feature the top 12 Free Fire teams from each of the 8 participating cities from across the nation competing to win from a prize pool of INR 60 lakh. These 8 cities are – Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Chennai, Lucknow, and Visakhapatnam. Players belonging to the state of each of these 8 cities will also be able to participate in their city finals. For the remaining cities and states in India, they will be able to find a slot in the national finals, through the wildcard finals.


Tournament Format

A first-of-its-kind tournament in India, the Free Fire City Open promises to be competitive, thrilling, and action-packed for teams and fans. The qualifiers saw a host of players from across the country signing up in-game through the Free Fire Cup (FFC) mode to participate in the tournament. The top 12 teams from each city have been selected and are ready to battle it out in their individual city finals from 15 June till 9 July.

Thereafter, there will be 12 teams that will qualify for the national finals and a chance to win big from the INR 60 lakh prize pool. These include 8 teams, the winners from each of the participating cities that will be chosen basis their individual city finals; 2 teams selected from the play-ins between the teams ranked #2 to #4 from each of the 8 city finals, on 20, 23, and 30 July; and 2 “wildcard” entries which will be the best teams chosen from the rest of India, outside the 8 participating cities, on 16 July. This will culminate in the national finals on 15 August.

Don’t miss the trailer for the Free Fire City Open region finals - 


Schedule of the tournament

Fans are invited to tune in and watch the exciting matches of this tournament from 15 June until 15 August. The schedule for the tournament is below -






Delhi Finals



18:00 IST - 21:00 IST

Ahmedabad Finals



18:00 IST - 21:00 IST

Hyderabad Finals



18:00 IST - 21:00 IST

Kolkata Finals



18:00 IST - 21:00 IST

Chennai Finals



18:00 IST - 21:00 IST

Lucknow Finals



18:00 IST - 21:00 IST

Mumbai Finals



18:00 IST - 21:00 IST

Vizag Finals



18:00 IST - 21:00 IST

Wildcard Finals



18:00 IST - 21:00 IST

City Play-ins 1



18:00 IST - 21:00 IST

City Play-ins 2



18:00 IST - 21:00 IST

City Play-ins Finals



18:00 IST - 21:00 IST

National Finals



18:00 IST - 21:00 IST


Selected teams for region finals

The top 12 teams from the 8 cities and wildcard entries are as follows:



  1. GJ-Teddy
  2. Fearless-4
  3. Conqueror
  4. The-Extremee
  5. Boltregiment
  6. New Invention
  7. War House
  8. Team Struglers
  9. United_4hl
  10. City Slums
  11. Underdogs_77
  12. Zero-Degree



  1. Raven Esports
  2. Jallikattutn
  3. Slumberqueen
  4. Titans Esports
  5. Badge-99.
  6. MGC Gaming JK
  7. Biowar-Tn
  8. Magilchi 97
  9. Damage
  10. Jk-Newday
  11. TGB-Xtremelvl
  12. MR24squad



  1. Frustrated 4
  2. Gyan Army
  3. Zila Ghaziabad
  4. Survivor 4am
  5. Wrecking Crew
  6. Team Elite
  7. God Game
  8. FFwarriors
  9. AFF Esports
  10. GVCS Squad
  11. Onlyfreaks
  12. City Of Tehzeeb



  1. 4UN-GXR
  2. Greedy Hunters
  3. 4xtraordinary
  4. The Rebellions
  5. Bombay Fever
  6. YKZ-Seniors
  7. Eyesesport
  8. Imthepro
  9. Mces Esports
  10. TSG Army
  11. TSG Hard
  12. Underworld



  1. Team Revolution
  2. Last Breath
  3. Nym Delhi
  4. Hawk Eye Esports
  5. Lvl Iconic
  6. ᎠᏞ ᎢO UK
  7. Surgical Strike
  8. God Like
  9. Heart Breakers
  10. Gen×Force
  11. Illusion Esports
  12. Team Op



  1. Black Ops
  2. Flickr Force
  3. Fly High
  4. U18 Army
  5. Gamingwithdino
  6. SS Esports
  7. Appledinoff
  8. Team Thunder
  9. Nawabpet Kings
  10. Crazy Amigos
  11. Incredibles
  12. High End


  1. Ay Esports
  2. Blackhunters
  3. As Takers
  4. Tr4nsformers
  5. Mighty Raju
  6. Captains
  7. Mbgtitans
  8. Lazy Kids
  9. Darkfire
  10. LR7 United
  11. Blood Reapers
  12. Toxic Esports



  1. Art Of War
  2. Head Hunters
  3. Rule Breakers
  4. Sixth Sense
  5. Invincibles Esports
  6. LA-Gaming
  7. Old-Generation
  8. High Five
  9. Team Fab
  10. Asin Clutchgods
  11. Bot Army
  12. Underdogs



  1. Titanium Army
  2. Pro Nation
  3. 4ever Cool
  4. AOS Esports
  5. Risers
  6. Shooting.Stars
  7. Clash War
  8. Die Another Day
  9. Identicals
  10. Umk Gamer
  11. LCG-Esport
  12. Huskies


Broadcast Details

Catch all the high-octane action by tuning in to the live broadcasts on Free Fire Esports India channels: YouTube and Facebook, and on BOOYAH!.