Call of Duty Mobile: Developers Officially Respond To Gambling Style Loot Boxes Backlash

Call Of Duty Mobile developers had to face a huge wave of backlash from the COD Mobile community pointing out the gambling style controversy and now they have addressed the issue

Call of Duty Mobile: Developers Officially Respond To Gambling Style Loot Boxes Backlash
Image Credits: COD Mobile

Popular Battle Royale Game COD Mobile from the past week has been facing backlash amidst gaming style loot boxes, the microtransactions in-game are out-dated. Since COD Mobile is constantly evolving from every month with huge seasonal updates bringing in new content in-game it was necessary to address the out-dated microtransactions system.

Players literally spent hundreds of dollars in-game and barely got any rare items from loot boxes. This wasn’t a huge deal in the first few seasons, but it was something that even developers at COD Mobile saw coming and they were forced to respond. Here’s the response:

With the latest 25th September Community Update, they usually talk about upcoming challenges and upcoming content in-game but there was a topic that they needed to address and they did in a long format:

“Over the last week or two we’ve been seeing many conversations and discussions about bundles, crates, and our overall store,” they addressed. Back in April, they hosted a test with all players around the globe. This test was to check the popularity of bundles in comparison to RNG-based loot crates. Based on community feedback and player behaviour we arrived at an approach that offered the maximum choice to users. We did this even though the bundles group just wasn’t as popular as the non-bundle group. We like more choice. That’s why nowadays bundles, crates, draws, robust credit store, they’re all there.”

“We'll keep reading, keep taking in feedback, and keep discussing new ways to add systems or improvements that help improve your experience with our store. Thank you all for the many discussions about this and for the passion of driving the communities behind it.”

“There are many improvements and changes we plan to make.” They said. However, it’s unclear if they would implement it in the next update but the devs have confirmed that various new features are already in works.