Call of Duty: Mobile completes one year, surprises incoming.

Celebrations all around.

Call of Duty: Mobile completes one year, surprises incoming.
Image Credits: Activision

Earth completed a revolution since Call of Duty: Mobile was made officially available - 1st of October 2019.

Since the game is been available for about 12 months now, Activision has been actively adding updates to new maps and modes. With that said, the mobile variant of Call of Duty has about 20 modes to enjoy the game with maps being updated often.

Over the updates in the last year, one remarkable update was the Gunsmith one which introduced the ability to make complex customisations to weapons and also would lead initially change in the usability mechanism.

With completing a year, it is also expanding to another region that is China. The game is already given a green light by the Chinese gaming regulator, tests on the android OS are bound to be carried out on Oct 20th. According to a report, the game has already been pre-registered over 46 million times for the Chinese region.

Season 11 of the CoD: Mobile is all set to arrive sometime midst this month itself. Nothing has been revealed yet from the developer but all we know the update that is coming is massive and full of surprises. Also, the developer has announced that there will be no public test build to keep it all-secret.

The on-going Season 10 concludes on Oct 14, the next season will be available shortly post that.