BOOM Esports vs. Leviatan Remake Stirs Debate in DotA 2 Qualifiers

Constant Disconnections.

BOOM Esports vs. Leviatan Remake Stirs Debate in DotA 2 Qualifiers
Image Credits: PGL

The PGL Wallachia Season 1 South America Closed Qualifier took a dramatic turn when a technical issue forced a controversial remake in the Upper Bracket Semifinals between BOOM Esports and Leviatan.  The decision and its aftermath have sparked a heated debate within the Dota 2 community, raising questions about fairness and competitive integrity.

The Incident

During the third game of their intense best-of-three series, BOOM Esports' Crhistian "Pakazs" Savina suffered a disconnection at the 38-minute mark. Despite a lengthy delay of over fifty minutes as organizers attempted to resolve the issue, ultimately a decision was made to remake the game. This decision, intended to preserve competitive fairness, became the catalyst for the controversy.

The Impact

Prior to the disconnect, Leviatan had finally gained a hard-fought advantage, securing a teamwipe and poised for a high-ground push. The remake effectively reset this momentum. Leviatan's carry, Samuel "Sammyboy" Anderson, expressed frustration, alleging that the situation compromised their position advantageously. Leviatan ultimately lost the remade game, with BOOM Esports advancing to the Upper Bracket Finals.

Sammyboy's Perspective

Sammyboy took to social media to voice his concerns about the fairness of the remake.  He argued that upon restarting, Leviatan faced significant disadvantages, including the absence of creep waves, respawning enemies, and a lack of opportunity to force buybacks. He further alleged that BOOM Esports benefited from Pakazs moving before  the official restart was called by the admin.

Community Reaction

The Dota 2 community has erupted in debate surrounding the remake. Some support the organizers' decision, citing the potential unfairness of allowing BOOM Esports to continue with a disconnected player.  Others side with Leviatan, arguing that the remake significantly disrupted their momentum and put them at an unfair disadvantage.

Despite the contentious outcome, both teams are channeling their energy into preparing for their upcoming qualifier matches. Leviatan faces elimination in their lower bracket match against Infinity, while BOOM Esports contends with beastcoast for a chance to reach the qualifying match.