S8UL Sid Raises Concerns About Cheating and Fairness in BMPS 2023

Siddhant 'Sid' Joshi, Team SouL's manager, addresses the rampant cheating issue in BMPS 2023, emphasizing the need for unedited POVs to ensure fair play.

S8UL Sid Raises Concerns About Cheating and Fairness in BMPS 2023
Image Credits: Sid Joshi

In the high-stakes arena of the Battlegrounds Mobile India Pro Series (BMPS) 2023, a cloud of controversy looms large, casting a shadow over the integrity of the competition. The crux of the issue? Rampant cheating. Siddhant “Sid” Joshi, the esteemed manager of Team SouL, has taken a bold stand, voicing his deep-seated frustration with this persistent problem. His words echo the sentiments of many in the esports community, highlighting the uphill battle faced by genuine competitors, both established and upcoming, in an environment tainted by dishonesty​​.

Sid's Perspective

Sid's recent livestream brought to light the grim reality confronting underdog players. These skilled yet lesser-known competitors, who deliver impressive performances, find themselves under a cloud of suspicion, overshadowed by the widespread cheating. Sid’s words are a clarion call for authenticity: “If you’re an underdog... if you don’t have your match Point of View (POV) ready with zero editing... people are going to say that you’re a hacker.” This demand for unedited POVs and handcams is a testament to the desperate need for transparency in the esports arena​​.

Unity Against Cheating

Sid's critique extends beyond the individual cheaters, delving into the broader dynamics of team unity and collaboration in tackling this issue. Despite his conviction that teams should band together to combat cheating, he acknowledges a disheartening reality: Many teams, particularly the top-tier ones, remain indifferent unless directly impacted. 

This lack of collective resolve and unity, as Sid points out, hampers the progress of esports in India, leaving the industry mired in the same issues that have plagued it for over a decade​​​​.

Sid specifically named fourteen teams, including heavyweights like Team Insane, Blind Esports, and Hydra Esports, that he believes should unite against this scourge. His vision: a united front, refusing to participate in events until the publishers address the cheating issue. 

However, Sid's skepticism is palpable. He questions whether these organizations have the will to unite and confront the problem head-on. His critique is a wake-up call, underscoring the need for a paradigm shift in how esports organizations approach integrity and fair play​​.

Sid’s call for unity, transparency, and integrity resonates far beyond the confines of the Battlegrounds Mobile India Pro Series. It challenges players, teams, and organizers alike to rise above short-term gains and foster an environment where talent and hard work are the only paths to victory.