BLAST Rising 2021 teams and groups announced

Not 16 but 24 teams are participating this year.

BLAST Rising 2021 teams and groups announced
Image Credits: BLAST

BLAST Rising 2021 is ready to begin on the 3rd of the coming month of May. The tournament will go on for a solid of twenty days till the 23rd and will feature some of the solid rosters outside of the Top 20 CS:GO rankings including the academy teams of famous organisations like Astralis, Ninjas in Pyjamas and Na'Vi.

Just like last year, BLAST is teaming with Polish company Fantasyexpo and together they have increased the number of teams from 16 to 24 for this iteration of the event. 

These 24 teams are further divided into six groups of 4 teams each participating in a double-elimination format. The top two teams from each division will qualify for the playoffs while the third will be needing to go through a play-in series.

BLAST Rising 2021 Teams & Groups: 

Group A 

  • LDLC OC 
  • Sangal
  • eClub Brugge 
  • UMX G2A

Group B

  • x-kom AGO 
  • Sprout 
  • Galaxy Racer
  • Astralis Talent

Group C

  • SKADE 
  • Anonymo
  • Spirit Academy

Group D 

  • Copenhagen Flames 
  • Nexus

Group E 

  • Sinners 
  • Apeks
  • NAVI Junior
  • Budapest Five

Group F 

  • Nordavind
  • Young Ninjas
  • Finest 
  • Gorillaz

All the CS:GO action will be livestreamed on official Twitch and Youtube channels of BLAST, starting on May 3 with Group A.