BGMI Live Stream Viewership Dwindles

Explore the significant decline in BGMI Esports viewership. Our in-depth analysis covers the latest viewership statistics, comparing recent tournaments to previous seasons.

BGMI Live Stream Viewership Dwindles
Image Credits: KRAFTON

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), once a burgeoning star in the esports arena, is currently facing a noticeable decline in viewership. The data reveals a stark contrast to its past seasons, with a significant drop in peak viewership​​.

The Major Tournaments: A Closer Look Post its unban, BGMI hosted two key tournaments – the Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2023 and the BMPS 2023. Held in Mumbai and Ahmedabad, these events, despite the high anticipation, couldn't reach the viewership heights of their predecessors​​.

Comparing the Numbers The BMPS 2023 saw a peak viewership of around 201,000, which was 32,000 less than the BGIS 2023 and a substantial 100,000 fewer than the BMPS 2022. To put this in perspective, the inaugural BGMI event, the Launch Party, had attracted about 540,000 viewers, while an earlier event, the BGIS 2021, had a peak viewership of 460,000​​.

Potential Causes for the Decline One contributing factor could be the continuous scheduling of BGMI tournaments. To sustain fan interest, Krafton needs to strategically manage the timing of third-party events, preventing overlaps.

Additionally, the removal of popular teams like Team Soul and Godlike Esports from major events like the BGIS 2023 and BMPS 2023 has impacted fan engagement. Despite this, the ongoing rivalries among other teams continue to offer excitement and drama, as well as on-ground experience for BGMI fans and esports enthusiasts across the country.