BGMI Tops Google Play's Best Ongoing Games of 2023

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) leads the pack in Google Play's Best Ongoing Games of 2023.

BGMI Tops Google Play's Best Ongoing Games of 2023
Image Credits: KRAFTON

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), developed by Krafton India, has emerged as a titan in the Indian battle royale gaming scene. Its journey, marked by a remarkable resurgence post an official unban by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, has been nothing short of spectacular. This turnaround has catapulted BGMI to the forefront of the gaming community, making it a household name among Indian gamers​​.

BGMI clinched the top spot in Google Play’s 'Best Ongoing Games' category for 2023. This recognition isn't just about download numbers; it speaks volumes about the game's engaging content and the exceptional experiences it offers. Sean Hyunil Sohn, CEO of Krafton India, expressed gratitude for this honor and dedicated it to the passionate BGMI community, underlying the strong bond between the game and its players​​.

BGMI's achievement is particularly noteworthy given the global accessibility of its close contenders - EA SPORTS FC™ Mobile Soccer and Pokémon GO, which secured the second and third positions, respectively. This victory is a clear indication of BGMI’s unique appeal and dominance in the Indian market. Moreover, Krafton's prowess as a game developer was further solidified as it was lauded as the best developer of 2023, with another title, Road to Valor: Empires, ranking high in the multiplayer category​​.

BGMI's path hasn’t been without challenges. The game faced multiple bans and restrictions, yet managed to stay ahead in content and development, thanks to Krafton India's commitment to adhering to guidelines and restrictions. This resilience and ability to navigate through tough times have been key to maintaining its top position in the gaming industry​​.

Apart from BGMI, the Google Play awards celebrated various games across multiple categories, highlighting the diverse and vibrant nature of the gaming ecosystem. Titles like Monopoly GO!, Subway Surfers Blast, and Call of Dragons gained recognition in various segments, showcasing the rich tapestry of gaming experiences available to users. These awards not only recognize individual games but also celebrate the creativity and innovation that define the contemporary gaming landscape​​.