BGMI's A5 Royale Pass: Leaks, Rewards, and Price Details

Check out the latest BGMI's A5 Royale Pass! Featuring upgradable Pan and Molotov skins, new modes, and exclusive mythic outfits, this update offers an unparalleled experience for battle royale lovers.

BGMI's A5 Royale Pass: Leaks, Rewards, and Price Details
Image Credits: KRAFTON

The popular battle royale game Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) continues to enthral its massive player base with each major update, and the anticipation for the A5 Royale Pass is no exception. This latest addition promises an array of unique, upgradable accessories, setting a new benchmark in the gaming experience.


Upgradable Skins and New Modes


The A5 Royale Pass stands out with its first-ever upgradable Pan skin, replete with a loot box skin and a dynamic kill feed animation effect. Additionally, the Molotov skin, another novel feature of the Royale Pass, enhances gameplay with its unique kill feed animation. Players can look forward to immersing themselves in two new modes with the 3.0 update: the futuristic-themed Shadow Force Mode and a captivating Dragon Theme Mode.


Mythic Outfits and Thematic Consistency


The Royale Pass doesn't just stop at skins. At level 100, players can unlock a mythic female outfit, perfectly complementing the Dragon Abode theme. This thematic consistency adds an extra layer of immersion and excitement to the gameplay.


Flexible Pricing and Purchase Options


Understanding gamers' diverse needs, BGMI offers the A5 Royale Pass in two formats: a monthly version covering levels 1-50 in the first month and 51-100 in the second, or a complete package for those eager to access all levels at once. The pricing is structured to accommodate different preferences, with the monthly edition of the Royale Pass at 360 UC, while the complete package is priced at 720 UC. The Elite Pass variant adds another layer of options, with its monthly edition at 960 UC and a two-month package at 1920 UC.


BGMI ensures that every player, regardless of their investment in the Royale Pass, has the opportunity to earn rewards. Completing missions unlocks free rewards, while purchasing the Royale Pass grants access to premium rewards, enhancing the gaming experience.