Battlegrounds Mobile India Pre-Registration Live now; Exclusive Rewards Revealed

Only for Android, iOS users have to wait a little longer.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Pre-Registration Live now; Exclusive Rewards Revealed
Image Credits: Battlegrounds Mobile India

Four days ago, the developer behind Battlegrounds Mobile India said the game "will have a period of pre-registration before the launch" starting 18th of May. As promised, the official website is now updated and fans can go ahead and grab themselves a pre-registration slot. A new trailer featuring popular content creators Dynamo, Kronten, Jonathan along with the Bollywood Star Arshad Warsi is now released.

Battlegrounds Mobile India

How to Pre-Register?

  1. Visit the official website of Battlegrounds Mobile India.
  2. Click on the "PRE-REGISTER NOW!" button.
  3. It should redirect you to Google Play, now click on the "pre-register" icon and once you do it, you can simply click on "Got It" to confirm or one can click on the other "Install when available" option.

What are Pre-Registration rewards?

For the users who pre-register, a total of 4 exclusive rewards are promised that one will be able to avail themselves once the game is released. The rewards included are as follows.

  1. Recon Mask
  2. Recon Outfit
  3. Celebration Expert Title
  4. 300 AG

Battlegrounds Mobile India is definitely the most hyped title of the year. It will be specifically for Indian users and a few changes have been implemented to reflect the virtual nature of the game. It will be set in a virtual simulation training ground, the in-game characters will be fully clothed, and also the damaging effect has been changed from Red to Green. Aside from that, player limits have been added; users under the age of 18 can only play for 3 hours a day and are restricted to a daily spending limit of INR 7,000.

There's no word about when the game will be out, and it's currently only available on Android for pre-registration. For the time being, iOS users would have to wait a little longer to do the same.