Valorant Pro AYRIN Announces Retirement from Competitive Gaming

Former XSET and Global Esports IGL Jordan 'AYRIN' announces his retirement from professional esports, marking the end of a significant career in Valorant and CrossFire.

Valorant Pro AYRIN Announces Retirement from Competitive Gaming

Jordan "AYRIN," a prominent figure in the competitive esports scene, has officially announced his retirement. This marks the end of a significant chapter in his career, spanning over a decade of involvement in titles like CrossFire and Valorant.

AYRIN's esports career began with a focus on CrossFire, a first-person shooter game. He then transitioned to Valorant in 2020, quickly making a name for himself. His skills as an In-Game Leader (IGL) were most notably displayed during his tenure with XSET and later with Global Esports in the 2023 season.

During his time with XSET, AYRIN achieved notable success, qualifying for two international Valorant tournaments in 2022 – Masters Copenhagen and Valorant Champions. His team consistently performed well in North American events, often securing the fourth position in multiple tournaments during 2021 and 2022. However, his journey with Global Esports faced challenges, with the team unable to qualify for major international events and concluding the regular season in the eighth position. This phase culminated in AYRIN parting ways with Global Esports in September.

AYRIN's retirement decision was influenced by several factors, including his recovery from laser eye surgery, which he described as a "brutal recovery" period. He expressed gratitude for the experiences and connections made throughout his esports journey. His announcement on social media reflected a sense of accomplishment and gratitude towards the community that supported him.

Despite stepping away from competitive gaming, AYRIN's passion for the gaming industry remains strong. He has expressed a desire to explore opportunities within the gaming sector beyond the competitive arena. His extensive experience and insights gained from years of professional play are likely to serve him well in his future endeavors.