Andbox confirms vice to its starting VALORANT roster

After on trial for a few weeks, the pro has secured his slot.

Andbox confirms vice to its starting VALORANT roster
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Daniel “vice” Kim now has a dedicated slot within the Andbox team. Coming in as trial to the roster last month, vice will be playing with the team at the main stage of Challengers Two.

Vice is also an ex-CS:GO professional player, wherein his days he has represented organisations like eUnited, Rouge and even trialled for Cloud9 in 2019. The pro then transitioned to VALORANT with C9 introducing several Valorant rosters - including C9 Blue. Vice made a switch with it and he was moved from trial to fill the final slot on the C9 Blue squad.

After seven months at C9 Blue he then further moved to join Andbox in March on a trial basis. Vice has been an effective force to the team since his inclusion, the pro helped Andbox to qualify for Stage Two of the NA Challengers One event. However, beyond there Andbox was eliminated dropping two 2-0 losses at the hands of 100 Thieves and Immortals.

Vice and Adam "mada" Pampuch were recruited together on trial. Andbox has ended both of their trials runs and now has given them permanent places on the roster. The organisation is already qualified for the Challengers Two main event which is their last opportunity to reach Masters Two LAN in Iceland via the NA Challengers Finals.