All you need to know about the return of BGMI so far

It returns only for three months for now with a lot of alterations and will be under tight observation by the Government.

All you need to know about the return of BGMI so far
Image Credits: KRAFTON

The Indian government banned BGMI, also known as Battlegrounds Mobile India, eight months ago because of data and security issues. For those who don't know, BGMI was a relaunch of PUBG Mobile with an Indian charm, adhering to all the changes like changing the blood effect from red to yellow/green, renaming the word of death to finishes, and other things. Nevertheless, the game was banned. And considering that the title has already been banned twice (First PUBG Mobile and then BGMI), this has been the tale for a while. 

The Indian gaming community has undoubtedly embraced PUBG Mobile India and BGMI. It has unquestionably contributed significantly to the Indian gaming scene. The growing fan base and viewership have been crucial in uniting and boosting the gaming community in India. No other game has been able to match the fervor it offers in the absence of a well-liked battle royale game. And now, congratulations to KRAFTON for their efforts in bringing the title back a second time, from abiding by the rules and moving their servers to Singapore and India it has managed to receive a trial of three months in the nation by the Government of India while also adding more restrictions like Age Restriction, Parental Consent, etc. Refer to the carousel below for a summary of what happened on the day of the good news so you won't miss out on the specifics.

6 things about the BGMI Unban: 

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  1. Today has been a very exciting day for the Indian gaming community. It all started with the South Korean conglomerate KRAFTON teasing the comeback of the renowned battle royale game Battlegrounds Mobile India.

  2. The official Instagram account verified the news with a post in which Krafton expressed gratitude to Indian authorities for enabling BGMI to resume operations. They also thanked the Indian gaming community for their unwavering support and patience.

  3. The government will monitor the server location, data security, and keep a close watch during the BGMI trial timeframe of three months, according to Union Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar's tweet.

  4. BGMI is presently unplayable due to server upgrades for a better and larger experience. Furthermore, KRAFTON assures that player accounts are safe and that all progress is saved.

  5. KRAFTON's official statement also notes down that the game will soon be available for download on the Play Store and the App Store.

  6. The privacy policy conditions have also been revised by KRAFTON on the company website, and two key points have been added: first, that data will be processed and kept on secure servers in Singapore and India. Additionally, there are limitations for users under the age of 18 who must now get parental authorization. This may be done by providing the parent or guardian's mobile phone number.

Other limits have also been implemented, such as the introduction of an INR 7000 spending cap to prevent excessive spending and to limit the player. As soon as new information about the title becomes available, this article will be updated. Visit often for updates.