After Slashing Ties with Tencent, PUBG Corp Scouts For Indian Partner

After cutting off with Tencent, PUBG Corp is on the lookout for Indian Partners who will be responsible for the distribution of the game in India.

After Slashing Ties with Tencent, PUBG Corp Scouts For Indian Partner
Image Credits: PUBG Corp.

South Korean maker of massively popular PUBG Mobile title, PUBG Corp. is now on the lookout for an Indian Gaming Firm, who will handle distribution of the game in India.

This news comes soon after, PUBG Mobile got banned by the IT Ministry of India citing data privacy issues. The app was banned along with 117 other Chinese apps. Later on, PUBG Corp. in a statement announced that they will be cutting off ties with Tencent and revoke distribution license from them.

The Gaming Firm will be responsible for generating regional content, handle local tournaments and develop a sustainable ecosystem for the game.

A person aware of the negotiations said to Mint, “a new licensing agreement is in the works with an Indian gaming firm to pass on the rights to run the PUBG Mobile game in India.”

In an official statement on Monday, PUBG Corp. expressed that it “hopes to work” with the Indian Government and work hand-in-hand to resolve the issue.

However, in India, there are very few Indian Gaming Firms that can handle the distribution of such a popular game PUBG Mobile. There are rumours flying around that JIO is looking to negotiate with PUBG Corp. but there is no concrete word about this as of yet.

This partnership may or may not work because distribution is just one aspect of the business. Data privacy is still a major concern.

News Source: Mint